Crossing Traffic Light Training Model

Code: CIVIL-PLC-76-0007

Crossing Traffic Light Training Model.

Overview of the crossing traffic light training model
The system is composed of training platform, analog physical building, vehicle model, road model and traffic lights. The device can simulate the work state of the real traffic lights. There are PLC I/O interface on the control panel. To provide signals by PLC.

Technical parameter of the crossing traffic light training model
Total dimension : 485×385×130mm
Input power : DC 24V
Capacity : < 200VA

Mitsubishi PLC module Siemens PLC module

Computer, PC software HMI module
1. Variety of sensor applications
2. Assembly and disassembly of mechanical parts and electrical parts - system fault diagnosis and maintenance
3. Pneumatic circuit adapter tube and electrical connections
4. Design and application of sorting transmission
5. Trouble shooting and correct electrical circuit
6. PLC basic instruction practice
7. Electric circuit connection
8. Instruction of program writing

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