Thermodynamics Lab Equipments

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Thermodynamics Lab Equipments.
Thermodynamics Lab Equipments

Technical Specifications:

Engine test setup 3 cylinder,4 stroke, Petrol:

  • Dynamo meter: Product 231: Type Eddy current Product 231H:Type hydraulic
  • Propeller shaft: With universal joints
  • Air box: M S fabricated with orifice meter and manometer
  • Fuel tank: Capacity 15 lit with glass fuel metering column
  • Calorimeter: Type Pipe in pipe
  • Temperature sensor: Thermocouple, Type K
  • Temperature indicator: Digital, multi channel with selector switch
  • Speed indicator: Digital with non contact type speed sensor
  • Load sensor: Load cell, type strain gauge, range 0-50 Kg
  • Load indicator: Digital, Range 0-50 Kg, Supply 230VAC
  • Rota meter: Engine cooling100-1000 LPH;Calorimeter 25-250 LPH
  • Pump: Type Mono block
  • Overall dimensions: W 2000 x D 2750 x H 1750 mm


  • MS Excel sample calculation
  • Digital non-contact speed indication
  • Digital temperature indication
  • Digital load indication
  • Box type manometer for air flow
  • Rota meter for water flow
  • Morse test

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