Soil Sieve

Soil Sieve

Code: Soil0004

Soil Sieve.
Soil Sieve Soil Sieve from Civil Mechanical Laboratory India

  • Fine sieve sets : Soil Grain size
  • Dia. : 300 mm,   height : 75 mm
  • Artificial : Perforated, double layers iron material, Aperture
  • Aperture : 0.075, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20mm including cover and bottom pan

Other specification

  1. Finest quality mesh
  2. Double layer welded frame
  3. Epoxy fillet technique recently used to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of material through sieving medium
  4. Aperture size: Soil Sieve for Civil Engineering from Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers India - perforated plate for aperture size bigger than 1.18mm Woven mesh for aperture size smaller than 1.18mm.
  5. Frame thickness: double layer, 0.5mm/layer

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