Roll Driven Slipout Type Bending Rollers

Code: Roll Driven0001

Roll Driven Slipout Type Bending Rollers.
The Roll Driven Slipout Type Bending Rollers machines are beautifully designed for bending the metal sheet into a complete cylindrical form or curving them to adjust to different types of panel work which is equipped with three milled steel sets that are properly machined rollers.

The back roll has adjustments for various dia of cylinders to be formed whereas the front roll is adjusted to fit the various thickness of sheets, the two rolls having grooves are wired for permitting sheets. The Slipout Type Bending Rollers are ideal for forming small diacylinders without deformation. It is used for the motor mount, motor pulley, Handle for hand geared and ungeared and pulley cover provided for motorized models.
Key Features of Slip Out Type Hand Operated Bending Roller

    The machinery is used for Heavy duty production.
    It is equipped with rolls of different lengths that range between 305mm to 1220mm.
    Available in slip out type design, Roll Driven Slipout Type Bending Rollers have diameter sizes ranging from 23mm to 76mm.
    It is mainly used for bending sheets in different industrial sectors at a thickness range of 12 to 24 SWG.

Accessories of Roll Driven Slipout Type Bending Rollers

    Crowned rolls
    Top roll can be swung out
    Bending roll adjusted by lever
    Medium duty production
    Cone bending as standard

Max Cap Lenth xThick mmxmm(SWG) Roll Dia.
450x1.2(18) 51
650 x0.9 (20) 51
1000x0.7(22) 51
1250x0.5(24) 51
450 x1.6 (16) 51
650 x1.2 (18) 51
1000x1 (19) 51
1250x0.9(20) 51

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