Transparent Modules Trainer

Transparent Modules Trainer

Code: EEP0009

Transparent Modules Trainer.
Transparent Modules Trainer

  • Design of the transparent modules (including inner parts issued from actual industrial fabrications) allows visualizing internal behavior of each module. It makes the training more rational and time effective.
  • Mounting of the modules on a panel allows undertaking complete, sophisticated hydraulic circuits.
  • Panel consists in a perforated metal plate sheet, with 5 mm holes at 50 mm spanning.
  • Practical works can be quickly and simply carried out.
  • The ease for mounting the modules and the overall design of the system make it an efficient support to the hydraulic courseware.
  • Vocational training, technical graduation at secondary level, Polytechnics or Engineering schools use the equipment to become more familiar with hydraulic components and hydraulic techniques applying to automation.
  • The trainer provides basic knowledge in hydrostatic and hydrodynamics, as well as inputs on physical rules applying to the design of hydraulic components.
  • Moreover, it allows developing a know how in symbolic and design of hydraulic and electro hydraulic circuits

Transparent Modules Trainer, Engineering Lab Instrument

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