Sunway Total Station

Sunway Total Station

Code: SUR-0005

Sunway Total Station.
Total Station is the most economical model, measures without prism up to 600m, configured with advanced dual axis compensator for automatic error elimination and automatic compensation of accuracy, diversified data transfer options such as card SD, USB pen drive, data cable interface.

This high precision total station is widely used in surveying, topography and cartography, engineering construction, is popular in the market of measuring instruments for its high precision, good quality, competitive price.

    2″ Accuracy
    Construction and Survey Application Software On Board
    Dual Side Display Control Panel.
    Reflectorless operation upto 600m.
    IP55 – Strong Environmental Specification against Tough Sites
    Integrated Bluetooth® technology
    Up to 16 hours of battery life
    Key buttons are illuminated to minimze mistakes.
    USB Pen Drive & SD Memory Card Support
    Internal memory has 20,000 points to record.

Sunway series Total Station is used in engineering, produce by Suzhou Sunway Photoelectric Surveying Instrument Co.Ltd.It have no prism measurement function, absolute encoder angle measurement technology, angle measurement accuracy 2 seconds, no prism measurement accuracy 3mm+ 2ppm and a breakthrough in the use of the STM32 architecture. Sunway series Total Station configures a variety of communication interfaces and smart calibration software implements the diversity of data transmission selection and real-time detection function.

Powerful and Fast EDM Capabillity
Sunway series Total Station’s no prism measurement range up to 1000 meters. No prism measurement accuracy 3mm+2ppm. Accurate measurement 0.8S, Track measurement 0.3S.

The MCU based on ARM CortexTM-M processor enables the total station has extra high processing speed and low-power consumption.

Intelligent Calibration Software
Accessible for real-time diagnosis to ensure trouble-free operation. The software can determine 90 percent of the Problem.

Absolute Encoder Angle Measurement
1023 pairs of absolutely coded disc. All Sunway ATS-120R Series angle measurement accuracy is two seconds. Starting without initialization.The data will save automatically when the power failure.

Stable Dual-axis Compensation
Compensation range 3′. Operation can be visualized and High accuracy of angle measurement.

Rich Communication and Transmission
With RS232C, SD, USB and MiniUSB communication interface. Using Bluetooth for data transmission, make data transmission more convenient.

Reliable Large Volume Memory
Internal memory has 20,000 points to record.
USB memory can be used up to 8GB.

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