Sieve Shaker (Rotap)

Sieve Shaker (Rotap)

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Sieve Shaker (Rotap).
Sieve Shaker (Rotap) Sieve Shaker (Rotap) from Civil Mechanical Laboratory India

This Shaker reproduces both circular and tapping motion, Produces Circular (280-320 RPM approx) and tapping (140-160 RPM approx) motion with Sieve Shaker (Rotap) for Civil Engineering from Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers India - a uniform mechanical action which ensures accurate and dependable test results. This shaker is heavy in construction and no special foundation is required. The running parts operate in oil. A 1/4 H.P. electric motor runs the machine, the machine can accommodate six test sieves + set of Lid-pan but is supplied without sieves.

Optional Extra:
  • Digital Time switch 0-99 minutes for above
  • Mechanical Time switch 0-60 minutes for above

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