Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Equipment

Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Equipment

Code: Dynamics Lab0002

Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Equipment.
Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Equipment

  • An evaporator in which the coolant is vaporized and removes a certain quantity of heat from the water circulating in the copper tube coil.
  • A hermetic compressor.
  • A condenser.
  • A pressure relief valve that allows the passage of coolant, liquid from the condenser, towards the evaporator by reducing pressure.
  • A porthole window placed between the pressure relief valve and the evaporator allows observation of steam formation during the period of rest.


  • Two pressure gauges.
  • Eight Pt100 sensors with a digital indicator
  • Two flowmeters


  • Option 1: Digital Wattmeter
  • Option 2: Rotameter for the coolant flow rate
  • Option 3: Acquisition module:
  • Replacement of two gauges by piezometric sensors with analog output
  • Interfaces 4-20 mA / RS485
  • RS485 Converter – RS 432
  • One OPC server
  • Block diagram of the system developed in Labview

Essential requirements

  • Electricity supply: 220/240 V single phase 50 Hz + Earth
  • Water supply and drainage: 400 L/h, pressure 1 bar

Dimensions and weight

  • 850 x 550 x 800mm – 50 kg

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