Recycle Loops

Code: Dynamics Lab0004

Recycle Loops.
Recycle Loops

  • Recycle Loops is a benchtop unit having a vacuum formed ABS plastic plinth with integral electrical console on to which is mounted a through pipe with a recycle loop which incorporates a circulating pump and heater.
  • A pressure regulator with filter at the inlet to the apparatus minimises the effect of fluctuations in the cold water supply pressure. Water in the recycle loop is heated by a 2 kW electric heater with over-temperature protection. Flow in the loop can be varied from 0 (no recycle) to 3 litres/ min. The through flow of water can be varied from 0 to 1.5 litres/min.
  • Temperatures at the entry to the system, at the exit from the system and inside the recycle loop are measured using type K thermo couples. Flow rates at corresponding locations are measured using turbine type flow sensors. A reservoir with self-sealing fittings allows the volume of the loop to be changed.
  • All electrical circuits are protected by appropriate protection devices.
  • The console incorporates a digital meter with selector switch, which displays the temperatures and flow rates measured. Corresponding signals are routed to an I/O port for connection to a PC.
  • An optional interface device and educational software package is available. A comprehensive instruction manual is included with a range of fully detailed Laboratory Teaching Exercises.
Key Features:
  • The small-scale of the loop ensures that responses can be fully evaluated in a normal laboratory session
  • Water is used as the working fluid for safety and ease of use
  • All electrical sensors can be logged using a PC (optional teaching software available)

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