Multifunction Process Control Teaching System

Multifunction Process Control Teaching System

Code: Process0007

Multifunction Process Control Teaching System.
Multifunction Process Control Teaching System

  • A multi-function process control teaching system, capable of demonstrating level, flow, pressure and temperature control loopsDesk-top mounted and includes a
  • Desk-top mounted and includes a built in USB computer interface
  • Options include: reactor vessel with conductivity measurement, pH measurement, pneumatic control valve and electronic console

Includes the following process control demonstrations:

Process principles • Calibration of sensors (via PC software) • Inflow control • Outflow control • Direct heating • Indirect heating • Batch and continuous operation • Effect of sensor lag (e.g. thermometer pocket) • Effect of system time constant (e.g. volume change) • Effect of dead time (e.g. holding tube) • Effect of mixing/stirring

Measured variables • Level – on/off switch (fixed hysteresis) • Level – differential on/off switch (adjustable hysteresis) • Level – proportional pressure sensor (slow system response) • Flow – Proportional turbine sensor • Temperature – on/off switch (fixed hysteresis) • Temperature – proportional thermocouple sensors • Static pressure – proportional sensor (fast system response) • Differential pressure – proportional pressure (fast system response) • pH – proportional sensor.

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