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Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

Code: Automobile Engg0003

Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig.
Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig IC engines are widely used in automobile, domestic and industrial sector.  They are classified according to cycle, number of cylinders, arrangement of cylinders, fuel used, type of ignition, valve arrangement, cooling system. Test rigs are used to find out the performance of an IC engine.  It consists of an IC Engine, dynamometer, fuel measuring, air intake measuring and various other arrangements.
·         To determine specific fuel consumption.
·         To determine Brake Horse Power.
·         To determine mechanical efficiency.
·         To determine Brake Thermal Efficiency.
·         To determine volumetric efficiency measurement.
·         To determine indicated thermal efficiency.
·         Electric Supply-Single Phase, 220 V, 5 Amp.
·         Continuous Water Supply-10 LPM Approx.
·         Fuel-10 Ltrs.
·         Floor Area-3m X 2m
·         Tachometer-For RPM measurement
·          Type of Engine-Four cylinder, four stroke engine, vertical water cooled, self start, diesel engine.
·         Type of Loading
o    TD-106A – Electric Brake Dynamometer
§  The engine is coupled with electrical alternator with resistance loading arrangement. Digital voltmeter and digital ammeter is provided.
o    TD-106B –Hydraulic Brake Dynamometer
§  It consist of weighing gear, control gear, a dead weight in Kg unit suitable for testing the engine at different speeds. The engine and dynamometer are directly coupled on a substantial base plate.               
·         Fuel measuring system  o    Fuel measuring system consists of a fuel tank, a burette and a three way cock arrangement.
·         Air intake measuring system  o     Air tank fitted with orifice and water manometer.
·          Measurement of Heat carried  o     It consists of inlet outlet piping with flow control valve, water away by Cooling water meter. Thermometers are provided to measure the inlet outlet temperature of water.
Exhaust gas calorimeter
 - made of Stainless Steel including the body & the tubes for cooling water circulation and designed to get maximum temperature difference. The body of the calorimeter is insulated on all sides to prevent heat losses due to radiation. Thermometers are provided to measure the temperature of water and gas

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