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Liquid Liquid Extraction in Packed Bed

Liquid Liquid Extraction in Packed Bed

Code: Transfer0007

Liquid Liquid Extraction in Packed Bed.
Liquid Liquid Extraction in Packed Bed The setup is designed to demonstrate principles of liquid-liquid extraction and mass transfer operation in a packed column.
The set up consists of a glass column, packing, feed tanks, air regulator with pressure gauge, receiving tanks and piping. Rotameter are provided for flow measurement
Determination of overall height of a transfer unit and overall volumetric mass transfer coefficient
Stainless Steel tanks and wetted parts
Special arrangement for changing height of interface zone
Continuous operation
Superb Painted structure
Simple to operate & maintain
Compact & stand alone set up
Utilities Required
Electric supply Provide 230 +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase electric supply with proper earthing. 5A, three pin socket with switch for Compressor
Chemicals for trial as per your choice
Compressed Air supply: Clean, oil and moisture free air, pressure 2 Bar.
Water Supply & Drain as required

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