Hydraulic Iron Workers

Hydraulic Iron Workers

Code: Power Press0005

Hydraulic Iron Workers.

Built with heavy steel machinery, it uses hydraulic rams that are powered by a heavy electric motor. The hefty machine handles enormous force that is produced during the operation. Dies with various shapes and carbon steel blades are used for the working of the metal. The machine is usually rated as per the force it is capable of generating in tons. It performs forming or bending, shearing, notching and punching operations that makes it an essential unit of every manufacturing firm. The Hydraulic Iron Worker works with the angle, channel, plate, round bar and square bar.
Features of Hydraulic Iron Workers

Although Hydraulic Ironworkers are hefty but they are easy to install. The quick, durable and accessible setting of the machinery makes it user friendly and easy to maintain. Due to its less power consumption, it functions got a long period of time along with resistance against corrosion and efficient operations. With enormous versatility, standard spares and accurate repetition, it performs uninterruptedly. The low tooling, as well as initial cost, make it easily available and frequently usable machinery in the factories. With a special curved upper blade, it gives a clean shear. The punches and dies of the machinery are easily changeable without causing any electric current to the workers.
Accessories of Hydraulic Iron Workers

The Hydraulic Iron Worker includes the following accessories:

    custom tooling
    Manual back gauge
    custom punches and dies
    measuring systems
    custom brakes
    Roll Bending
    H-Frame Press Accessory, 20 ton
    Horizontal Press Accessory, 20 ton
    Hydraulic Tubing Bender
    90 degree V-Notcher
    Air of foot switch
    Blade for round bar cutting

Angle :: 100x100x10
Channel :: 100 x 50
Round :: 38
Square Bar :: 38
Punching :: 40x8
Notching :: 80x40x5
Motor :: 5HP
No. of Stroke/min.
[20mm travel for punching side]
:: 15
Throat Depth :: 250
Overall Dimension :: 1250x750x1600

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