Heat Pump Test Rig

Heat Pump Test Rig

Code: RLE-0009

Heat Pump Test Rig.

Range Of Experiments:

  • To Study all components used in refrigeration cycle.
  • To Study heating and cooling refrigeration cycle.
  • To determine the Refrigeration effect, Work output, Actual heating C.O.P, Carnot C.O.P, Theoretical C.O.P, Tonnage of refrigeration and plant efficiency.
  • To determine efficiency of heat pump system.

Technical Specification:

  • Compressor: Hermetically sealed compressor having cooling capacity (1/4 ton), Make: Emerson or Equivalent
  • Evaporator: Tube and Tube Type Evaporator with Insulation (shell) of stainless steel. Water is Passed in from one side of the Tube and other tube Refrigerant is passed. From mass flow rate of the water we can calculate the heat output.
  • Condenser: Shell and Tube type Condenser, This is Shell & tube type condenser from one side of the heat exchanger refrigerant is passed and from other water is passed.

Expansion Device:

Capillary Tube:

  • Diameter : suitable
  • Material : copper

Rota meter:

For measuring flow rate of liquid refrigerant.

  • Capacity: 40 to 400 LPH.

Digital Wattmeter: for power measurement of heater.


Pressure Gauges:0 to 300 PSI (R-134A) - 1 no.

Vacuum Gauges: 30 to 150 PSI (R-134A) - 1nos

  • Multipoint Digital Temperature Indicator: To measure temp. at various salient points of the refrigeration cycle.
  • HP/LP cut-out: Danfoss or equivalent.
  • Service valve: 3 nos. Brass type.
  • Filter / Drier: 1 nos. Danfoss or equivalent make.
  • Thermostat: Ranco or equivalent.
  • Sight Glass: standard.

Service Required:

  • Single phase 230 V AC, 6 Amp supply.
  • Space required: 1 mtr x 0.6 mtr..
  • Water supply for evaporator tank.

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