Exchanger Temperature Control Bench

Exchanger Temperature Control Bench

Code: Process0002

Exchanger Temperature Control Bench.
Exchanger Temperature Control Bench

  • Study of a temperature control loop
  • Study of a closed loop
  • Setting a PID controller
  • Disturbance of the set point
  • Disturbance with water flow rate
  • Technical specifications
  • A 6 kW heating resistance with stainless steel case
  • A Pt100 temperature probe
  • A safety temperature switchA safety flow switch in case of lack of feeding water
  • A safety flow switch in case of lack of feeding water
  • A supply flow meter (range 60 – 600 l/h)
  • A supply adjustable valve (temperature disturbing circuit)
  • A set of manual valves
  • A digital controller with RS485 communication card
  • Universal input: mV, V, mA, T/L, RTD
  • Control output: 4-20 mA
  • Control algorithm: P, PI, PD, PID and auto tune
  • A stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts and PVC panel


Data acquisition module ref MAC, composed with:

  • A converter RS485/RS232
  • Connection cables
  • Two channel graphic recorder
  • Supplied with technical manual

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