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Driving and Driven Machines

Driving and Driven Machines

Code: Technical0011

Driving and Driven Machines.

Driving and Driven Machines

    Two-Stage Piston Compressor
    Simulation of a Two-Stage Air Compressor
    Air Compressor Test Unit
    Single-Stage Piston Compressor
    Gas Turbine
    Gas Turbine with Power Turbine
    Simulation of a Gas Turbine
    Gas Turbine Jet Engine
    Steam Power Plant 20kW with Process Control System
    Determination of the Vapour Content
    Steam Power Plant with Steam Engine
    Two-Cylinder Steam Engine 

    Steam Power Plant, 1,5kW
    Cooling Tower 115kW
    Cooling Tower 140kW
    Steam Power Plant 1,5kW with Process Control System
    Cooling Tower 140kW
    Cooling Tower 115kW
    Steam Generator
    Axial Steam Turbine
    Safety Devices on Steam Boilers

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