CNC Maintenance Training Assessments Equipment

CNC Maintenance Training Assessments Equipment

Code: CIVIL-CNC-57-0001

CNC Maintenance Training Assessment Equipment (Real Object, with Siemens System).

Overview of the CNC maintenance training assessment equipment
The CNC system adopts Siemens 802S series and a biaxial linkage. The main axis frequency conversion control adopts a three-phase hybrid stepping driving system. The system consists of an intelligent assessment system, CNC training bench and physical CNC lathe. It not only can act as maintenance training system of CNC lathes electrical wiring, but also as an actual processing device. The system has an electrical fault and maintenance assessment function. The assessment system uses DLWW-GX2.0 system assessment methods, it uses dynamic database link technology, and it can link student information.

Technical parameter of the CNC maintenance training assessment equipment
Working power : three-phase, five-wire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Capacity : < 5KVA
Safety protection : leakage protection (action current≤ 30mA) over current protection, overload fuse protection
Total dimensions :1580×500×1630mm
CNC lathe technical parameter:
The largest rotary diameter on lathe body : 350 mm
The largest rotary diameter on turret :150 mm
The fastest moving speed of working bench : 4000 mm/min
Maximum cutting feed speed : 2000mm/min
Optional (System)
Siemens CNC system
Fanuc CNC system
Guangzhou CNC system

Training content
Training 1 Hardware connections for milling machine
Training 2 Hardware connection for lather machine
Training 3 Power on the system
Training 4 Basic operation for CNC machine
Training 5 Basic knowledge for system debugging
Training 6 Debugging for communication and serial
Training 7 How to use the CNC tool kits
Training 8 The operation for inverter
Training 9 Tool setting
Training 10 Basic knowledge of CNC processing programming
Training 11 Programming operation and machining
Training 12 Trouble assessment

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