Air Washer Test Rig

Air Washer Test Rig

Code: RLE-0008

Air Washer Test Rig.

Range Of Experiments:

  • To Study all components used in refrigeration cycle.
  • To Study vapor compression refrigeration cycle.
  • To determine the Refrigeration effect, Work output, Actual C.O.P, Carnot C.O.P., Theoretical C.O.P, Tonnage of refrigeration and plant efficiency.


  • Compressor: - Hermetically sealed compressor having cooling capacity of (1/3 ton) Emerson or Equivalent.
  • Condenser: Air cooled condenser made up of copper pipe & Aluminum fins of matching capacity with fan cooling. FHP fan motor with fan blade is provided.
  • Air Duct: - 300 mm X 300 mm X 1000 mm Air Duct through which openings for inlet and outlet of conditioned air is given out.
  • Evaporator: - It consists of S.S Tank with suitable Insulation from outside layer of the tank, where actual refrigeration effect takes place.
  • Air Duct: In these duct mainly it consists of wireframe mesh contents through which air passes through these contents and heat transfer takes place.
  • Wireframe Material: Material: Paper or fiber lining which is used in a cooler.
  • Expansion device:

Capillary Tube

  • Diameter : suitable
  • Material : copper

Rota Meter:

  • For measuring flow rate of liquid refrigerant.

Pressure Gauges:

Pressure Gauge:0 to 300 PSI (R-22) - 1 no.
  • Compound Gauge :-30 to 150 PSI (R-22) - 1nos.

Digital Wattmwter:

  • Multipoint Digital Temperature Indicator: To measure temperatures at various salient points of the refrigeration cycle.
  • HP/LP cut-out: Danfoss or equivalent.
  • Refrigerants: Primary R-22 gas, Secondary common salt solution.
  • Service valve: 2 nos. Brass type.
  • Filter / Drier: 1 nos. Danfoss or equivalent make.
  • Thermostat: Ranco make or equivalent.

Service Required:

Single phase 230 V AC, 15 Amp supply.
  • Space required: floor space 2 mtr x 1 mtr.

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