Adiabatic Batch Reactor

Adiabatic Batch Reactor

Code: Reaction0008

Adiabatic Batch Reactor.
Adiabatic Batch Reactor

This reactor is closed in shape, having no input and output streams. Adiabatic Batch Reactor requires some conditions to operate like continuous change in temperature of Reaction, perfectly mixed that means reaction mixture must be uniform, and volume of the reaction mixture within the reactor remains constant and no change in the density of reaction mass.

The arrangement of reactor comprises of a Dewar flask having the capacity of 0.7 lit attached with a stirrer. The flask is double walled vacuum insulated. Temperature is measured by digital temperature indicator. The whole setup is mounted on a rigid M.S. frame.


  • To study the hydrolysis of acetic anhydride with water in presence of an acid catalyst.
  • To predict the degree of conversion from time-temperature data

Utilities Required:

  • Instruments, Laboratory wares and Chemicals required for analysis as per the system adopted

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